Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Check-In 10/29/14

Today's Weather:

  • Today started off as a wonderfully sunny day: doing some chores around my mom's house, including setting up her internet, and getting her an online ID for cable. I'm her technician for anything technology-wise. 
  • A few clouds passing over during the mid-day: found out my classroom is being moved to a little hut that is outside, that I will need to walk into school to pick up my students, then walk them back to class, cutting much needed time out of my instruction time, and there is no bathroom and possibly no wi-fi or printing abilities.
  • Ending in a glorious sunset: great time catching up with my sister-in-law, via iMessage on our iPhones, its free and a great way to stay in-touch with my family in France and England.

Forecast for the rest of the week: It will be a great weekend, lots to look forward to.  My first time dressing up as a couple for Halloween, Friday night: Wayne and Garth and Saturday night: Jenny and Forrest.  My friend Margaret is celebrating her 30th birthday on Saturday night with a Halloween, costume party.


  1. Great costume ideas, sounds like fun. I am my Mom's tech person too, I think she invents problems just to get me over there and feed me. Moving sucks, but try to look at it as an opportunity, maybe you can create a new environment, and you'll probably have less distractions, at least not to go to the bathroom when it's raining!

  2. I would be so frustrated with those clouds, Jenny! Maybe there's a way to put a positive spin and it will be a chance for the kids to get moving and shake out some energy before class...

  3. Oh my. Frustrating changes. Hahaha Brian....always looking on the bright side of things.

    Have fun dressing up for Halloween! I'll be working :(